Frank Aquila Named Law360 Life Sciences MVP

December 11, 2013 Download

On December 11, Law360 named Mr. Aquila a Life Sciences MVP, citing Amgen Inc.’s $10.4 billion acquisition of Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc. In its article, Law360 outlined the Onyx acquisition, of which Mr. Aquila said, “This was not only a strategically important transaction for my client Amgen, but also for the industry. It is indicative of the changes that are occurring in life sciences and health care generally.” The article cited other recent health care M&A deals in which Mr. Aquila was involved, including Amgen's acquisition of deCODE Genetics and Optimer Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s acquisition by Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. Mr. Aquila credited the S&C teams’ successes with Amgen's acquisitions to a familiarity and understanding of the company's needs, noting that he has "worked very closely with their team and understand[s] the rigor that they put into any transaction." Regarding his S&C career, Mr. Aquila added, “It has been interesting to see from the M&A side how the business develops and changes over time, and from the health care side, how the science changes over time. Things you used to hear health care executives talk about as whimsical possibilities are now reality. I think this is a fascinating area, and will be going forward.”