Frank Aquila Discusses M&A in 2012 on Mergers & Acquisitions Video Series

January 24, 2012

On December 19, Mr. Aquila discussed M&A trends in 2012 on a new video series from Mergers & Acquisitions. Mr. Aquila spoke about the “new normal” that defined the volatile stock market in 2011. Mr. Aquila expressed optimism that M&A activity will increase in 2012 as companies stabilize requiring strategic incentives and imperatives to do acquisitions. As Mr. Aquila noted, “If we get business confidence, if we don't have to deal with a Europe that is blowing up every two weeks, some improvement in the base U.S. economy, all of which is realistic to look for, then I think we can see the big M&A year people were expecting in 2011.”