New York City’s Earned Sick Time Act: Employers with 20 or more employees must provide up to five days of annual paid sick leave, effective April 1, 2014

Sullivan & Cromwell LLP - July 12, 2013

On June 26, 2013, the New York City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg’s veto to pass into law an amendment to the New York City Administrative Code requiring certain employers to provide all employees employed for more than 80 hours in a calendar year up to five days paid sick leave per year. The law, dubbed the “Earned Sick Time Act,” implements its provisions over time. Employers with at least 20 employees must provide paid sick leave starting on April 1, 2014; employers with between 15 and 19 employees must provide paid sick leave effective October 1, 2015. A special provision covering domestic employees requires some paid sick leave as of October 1, 2015. All employees not entitled to paid sick time are entitled to unpaid sick time accrued at the same rate. The law recognized that many employers provide paid vacation or paid time off, and does not require those employers to provide additional paid sick time, provided that the leave may be used for the purposes set forth in the law.