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Rodge Cohen, Karen Seymour and Jay Clayton Discuss Board Priorities in Podcast
Rodge Cohen, Karen Patton Seymour and Jay Clayton

Supreme Court Business Review: NCAA v. Alston
— Judd Littleton, Julia Malkina and Renata Hesse

Supreme Court Business Review: Van Buren v. United States and Facebook v. Duguid
— Tony LewisJudd Littleton, Julia Malkina and Kamil Shields

U.K. Financial Conduct Authority: Updates and Implications for Non-U.S. Banks and Commercial Organizations
— Annie Ostrager and Kamil Shields






The Alexandra D. Korry Award

S&C honors the trailblazing legacy of our late partner. 

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Trends for 2022 Proxy Season

S&C’s Corporate Governance lawyers analyze the recent proxy season and provide key insights about what to expect for 2022. 

Proxy Season Review Part 1: Rule 14a-8 Shareholder Proposals 

Proxy Season Review Part 2: Say-on-Pay-Votes and Equity Compensation 

Corporate Governance Hot Topics

Key governance topics for directors’ and executives’ agenda.

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ESG Trends and Hot Topics

Key developments on critical ESG topics for directors’ and executives’ agenda.  

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Legal Developments Affecting the Workplace

This blog is dedicated to the rapidly changing areas of labor and employment law and workplace investigations.

September 10, 2021

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