Frank Aquila Discusses M&A Outlook (Lawdragon)

June 1, 2010

Lawdragon featured an interview with Frank Aquila in which he discussed the M&A outlook for 2010 and 2011. He noted that as the financial crisis comes to a close, companies are assessing their strategic strengths and weaknesses – which will potentially lead to acquisitions. He said that there will continue to be various types of deals, including stock deals; stock and cash deals; and all-cash deals. "The most important recent development was the return of strategic buyers in the second half of last year. Today companies have significantly more cash than they did two or three years ago," he said. He expects high deal activity in industries such as the financial sector, energy, basic materials, consumer products, technology and media. He noted that cross-border M&A will be expanding into regions such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. Mr. Aquila also discussed his personal background and why he became a lawyer.