Our position as the leading U.S. financial services practice is built on the trust our clients put in us when we handle their most important and complex matters and on our history of being at the leading edge of financial services regulation and innovation in the industry.

Our practice is distinguished by its industry focus and cross-disciplinary approach - unique among our peers. Our financial services lawyers work on an integrated basis on matters involving the full range of our clients' needs, such as mergers and acquisitions, bank regulation, capital markets, digital assets, fintech, economic sanctions and financial crime, commodities, futures and derivatives, consumer finance, and investigations and litigation. Our approach has been developed to provide the best client service and, specifically, to mitigate the risk of “blind spots” created by a more traditionally siloed practice.

We serve a wide range of financial institutions of all sizes, including both U.S. and non-U.S. firms, fintech and other startups, and a number of financial services industry groups. Clients routinely cite as differentiating from other law firms our commitment to client service, our experience in financial services regulation and our ability to synthesize issues across multiple disciplines to find solutions, while staying attuned to commercial realities.

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S&C's Banking Enforcement Actions Tracker

The Banking Enforcement Actions Tracker—or BEAT—is a web-based tool that aggregates and displays data pertaining to significant enforcement actions from January 1, 2008 to the present against banking organizations by the federal banking agencies and select other federal and state agencies.

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