Harvard Law School Commemorates the Establishment of S&C Visiting Professorship of Law

September 18, 2013
Cambridge, Massachusetts

On September 18, Harvard Law School alumni/ae Mr. Cohen, Mr. Cooper, Mr. Galvis, Ms. High and Mr. Mann, and other HLS alumni/ae at S&C, as well as students at the Law School who have been or will be summer associates at the Firm, attended a reception at Harvard Law School hosted by Dean Martha Minow to commemorate the establishment of the Sullivan & Cromwell Visiting Professorship of Law. Dean Minow noted, “We are honored and grateful that our friends at Sullivan & Cromwell have so generously chosen to enable us to enhance our roster of talented teachers and scholars with this terrific new visiting professorship.” The visiting professorship was endowed by Harvard Law School partners and retired partners of S&C, and other HLS alumni/ae who spent part of their careers at S&C, through an effort led by Messrs. Cohen and Mann.