S&C's London Office Hosts Seminar on Georgia’s Role in European Energy Security

December 3, 2010
London, England

On December 3, S&C’s London office hosted a seminar titled, “Georgia's Strategic Transit Role in European Energy Security.” The event was co-hosted by the British-Georgian Law Association and Georgian law firm, Gvinadze & Partners.

Georgia’s position to the west of Azerbaijan and the northeast of Turkey makes it a key transit country, and both the Baku-Tbilisi Ceyhan oil pipeline and the South Caucasus gas pipeline run through the country. The seminar explored the legal, commercial and political issues associated with Georgia’s pivotal role in moving Eastern Europe’s energy reserves to the west. Speakers included the Georgian ambassador to London, H.E. Badridze; the minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration and deputy prime minister of Georgia, Giorgi Baramdize, who commented on the relationship between Georgia and Russia, in particular; Julian Bowden of BP; Nick Gvinadze of Gvinadze & Partners, who outlined the Georgian legal perspective; and Mr. Jones, who gave a presentation titled, “Financing Transit Pipelines: The BTC Experience.”