Joint Seminar with Nishimura & Asahi “Outbound M&A by Japanese Companies Using Exchange Offers”

September 7, 2011
Tokyo, Japan

On September 7, S&C and Nishimura & Asahi, the largest law firm in Japan, co-hosted a seminar in Tokyo titled, “Outbound M&A by Japanese Companies Using Exchange Offers,” in connection with a recent amendment to the Japanese Act on Special Measures for Industrial Revitalization. The amendment exempts certain exchange offers by Japanese companies from various otherwise applicable restrictions under Japanese law. Nishimura & Asahi lawyers discussed details of the amendment; Mr. Bray and Mr. Hatano spoke on the topic, “Practical and Foreign Law Considerations of Exchange Offers.” The seminar was attended by approximately 100 corporate executives, senior investment bankers and M&A advisers.