International Bar Association Annual Conference

October 31-November 4, 2011
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Ms. Blackmore, Ms. Delahunty, Mr. Rockwell and Mr. White spoke at the International Bar Association Annual Conference, which was held in Dubai from October 30 through November 4. Ms. Blackmore co-chaired a panel titled, “Recent Trends in Private Equity,” which focused on developments in the previous year. Ms. Delahunty participated in a panel titled, “Trade Compliance through Enforcement: Export Controls and Sanctions,” which discussed the increasingly complex legal landscape for export control laws and sanctions. Mr. Rockwell spoke on a panel titled, “Shareholder Activism – How Shareholders Drive Change and How Boards and Advisers Respond,” which examined the principal objectives of activist shareholders, and the tactics that are available to them to achieve their objectives. Mr. White participated in a panel titled, “Disclosure Documentation and Issues Post-GFC,” which discussed the future role and form of disclosure documents in relation to the issuance of securities.