New York City Bar Program on Response to the Financial Crisis

October 27-28, 2010
New York, New York

More than half a dozen S&C lawyers spoke at the program, “Dodd-Frank and Other International Developments Affecting the Global Financial System After the Crisis,” held October 27 and 28 at the New York City Bar Association. The program, which was attended by more than 500 inside and outside legal counsel, consultants, financial professionals and members of the regulatory and academic communities, explored the changes in the regulation of the financial system since the global financial crisis. Mr. Wiseman served as the chair of the event and also spoke on an October 27 panel about the Volcker Rule. Also on October 27, Ms. Simmons spoke on a panel about resolution and living wills; Mr. Raisler discussed derivatives trading and clearing; and Mr. Feuring served on a panel about European perspectives on the post-crisis banking market. On October 28, Mr. Eitel discussed the M&A landscape; Mr. Trevino spoke about compensation programs; and Mr. Welshimer participated in a panel on capital and liquidity requirements.