International Fiscal Association's 65th Annual Congress 2011

September 11-15, 2011
Paris, France

Last week, tax lawyers from S&C’s Paris, London, New York and Washington, D.C. offices participated in the 65th annual Congress of the International Fiscal Association in Paris. This year’s event had one of the highest attendance rates in the history of IFA with more than 2,400 tax professionals from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe representing private industry, government and academia, among other fields.

Mr. Blanluet, as general reporter of this year’s IFA Congress, issued a general report and participated in a panel discussion titled, “Key Practical Issues to Eliminate Double Taxation of Business Income,” in which actual examples of double taxation were examined and used as a basis to discuss the extent to which governments should be concerned about double taxation, the effectiveness of various systems to alleviate it, and finally, whether there are underlying issues that result in the systemic failure to eliminate double taxation.