64th Annual Congress of the International Fiscal Association

August 29-September 3, 2010
Rome, Italy

Tax lawyers from S&C’s London, New York, Paris and Washington, D.C. offices participated in the 64th annual Congress of the International Fiscal Association in Rome. The congress was attended by more than 2,000 tax professionals from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe representing private industry, government and academia, among other fields.

Mr. Korb joined panelists from Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Italy to present one of the featured seminars titled, “The Legal Privilege for Tax Advice,” which examined the differences among various civil and common law countries in their approach to the balance set between a person’s right to obtain professional tax advice in confidence and the state’s interest in ensuring that the appropriate amount of tax is paid in accordance with its laws.

Mr. Blanluet, as general reporter of the International Fiscal Association’s Congress in 2011, assisted in organizing next year’s event, which will take place in Paris. Mr. McGowan, Mr. Wang, Mr. Blanluet, Mr. Le Gall and Mr. de Boynes also participated in the congress.