Rodge Cohen Discusses Economic Outlook in Bloomberg Podcast

October 11, 2010

Mr. Cohen was featured on an October 11 Bloomberg Law podcast in which he discussed the economic outlook in light of the recent uptick in M&A activity and the Dodd-Frank Act's potential implications for consolidation in the banking industry, among other issues. Mr. Cohen said the recent spike in deals seemed to indicate that confidence in the economy is growing, although he cautioned, “I think there is clearly a high level of uncertainty.” However, he added, “there are certain types of deals where the uncertainty about something like the Dodd-Frank Act has only very limited, if any, impact.” He pointed to natural resources and technology as areas that are thriving. Mr. Cohen also said that he believed that the new financial reforms would lead to consolidation in the banking industry, although not among the largest players. As for improving the overall economy, he said that policies designed for “getting more people to work” will be critical.