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U.K. Financial Conduct Authority: Updates and Implications for Non-U.S. Banks and Commercial Organizations

— Annie Ostrager and Kamil Shields

Supreme Court Business Review: Federal Republic of Germany v. Philipp
— Jusdson Littleton, Julia Malkina and Sharon Cohen Levin

Supreme Court Business Review: Ford Motor Co. v. Montana and TransUnion v. Ramirez
— Jusdson Littleton, Julia Malkina and Bill Monahan

Rodge Cohen, Karen Seymour and Jay Clayton Discuss Board Priorities in Podcast
Rodge Cohen, Karen Patton Seymour and Jay Clayton





ESG Trends and Hot Topics

Key developments on critical ESG topics for directors’ and executives’ agenda.  

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Trends for 2022 Proxy Season

S&C’s Corporate Governance lawyers analyze the recent proxy season and provide key insights about what to expect for 2022. 

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework

A bipartisan group of Senators and President Biden have agreed on a $1.2 trillion infrastructure framework. S&C's Flash Report analyzes the details and context of this important agreement.

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The Globalization of Mass Civil Litigation

S&C Vice-Chair Robert Giuffra Jr. participated in a conference hosted by Stanford Law School and RAND addressing the challenges presented by global parallel litigation in multiple jurisdictions.

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